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Asphalt Paving 


Asphalt blacktop combines a smooth and absorbing surface, which will enhance any appearance & value of the property. It will also absorb sound, facilitate thawing of snow & ice in the winter; and keep dust & mud maintained during the warmer months.


Whether its a driveway, patio or sidewalk, we provide attractive paving projects that are durable and last for years. Our driveway paving experts will meet with you and explain all the options for your home improvement project, in the Quad Cities area. At Seven Hills Paving, we know that a paved driveway is only as good as the base that it’s laid on.

Quad Cities Bettendorf Moline Davenport Iowa Illinois
When it comes to your business, a freshly paved parking lot adds curb appeal, distinguishing your company from the others. Seven Hills Paving can assist you in projects ranging from small repairs to parking lot overhauls. Our diverse group of clients include car dealerships, malls, apartment complexes, hotels and restaurants. We maintain a project management team, supervisors, crews, and equipment to complete your commercial project, in the Quad Cities, Davenport, Clinton, Moline, Bettendorf, Maquoketa, IA area.


We provide new Asphalt Paving for residential and commercial projects, in the Quad Cities, Davenport, IA area. Repairing pot holes and damaged asphalt areas is critical to protecting your asphalt investment. If these failing areas are not maintained, they will rapidly become larger problems leading to costly repairs.

Quad Cities Bettendorf Moline Davenport Iowa Illinois
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